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Preventing Relapse

Preventing Relapse

An addiction fact is that it is chronic meaning relapse is part of the problem. When someone is struggling with repeated drug & alcohol abuse, feels pleasure in the process of addiction the brain chemistry is totally changed, this is called a physical dependency.

Now sudden stop on addiction the drug interaction with brain is not happening at this stage return to abusive substance seem like a good way to get back to normal. At this stage relapse seems like a self medication of the addict.

Relapse is a part of addiction recovery and should be considered as stepping stone on the road of recovery.

There are new challenges right after the treatment for substance abuse; the addict is re-associated to the world as a sober individual. The brain temptations are common after you back to normal life. Drug relapse prevention is most crucial part so is Getting Sober.

As a recovering person you should feel proud of yourself that you moving ahead to a better life and there is a foundation of drug relapse prevention called as Drug Rehabilitation, that is where you get solution. As per National Survey on Drug Use and Health 20.8 million people who needed treatment for substance abuse did not receive it in 2007. But we will help find you the solution.