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Extended Care

Extended Care

Extended Care & Long-term

Extended care has its own benefits when it comes to recovery and protection of relapse.

There is a big confusion between extended care and long-term treatment. Most of the people think it’s same however these are two different options. We are going to help you find the differences between the two and understand it in a better way.

Extended care program is initiated typically right after the patient completes treatment procedure from a rehab.

Patient’s freedom, recovery success rate and staff qualifications are the principle differences between the two. Successful Long-term treatment will never have completion dates. It depends on the release of patient whether the patient goes under extended care. Extended care provides patient full freedom and lesser accountability.

The relapse rates are higher when the long-term rehabs release the patients at pre-determined stage or they being ready or not.


Extended Care


Extended care is actually extended stays in rehabilitation may exceed 30, 60-90 days cycles. Can include some post treatment methods specially designed to help the patient maintain & live sober life. Among all there are few Extended care mentioned below are the most common ones in practice.

12-Step program or Peer support group


Regular help, opportunities and support in dealing with addiction are part of these extended care programs. This is regular & ongoing program to help addict recover. Mostly addicts are encouraged to enrol in extended care by the treatment facilities they were recovering.


Outpatient Treatment

After the completion of residential treatment some of the individuals may get referred to outpatient treatment. This may involve into 12-step program, regular meetings with qualified counsellors and therapists. This may be organised individually or in group setups. This kind of recommendation totally depends on individual’s recovery from rehab, the outpatient therapy is an on-going procedure and only stops analysing the state of recovery of the individual.

Sober concepts

This is all about sober living environment and it gives great opportunity and tailored support according the individuals needs. It’s called sober living homes full of sober companions and escorts with strict regulations which prove to be helpful for participant to develop skills to fight relapse and addiction forever. Frequent guidance in sober living homes and monitoring helps a lot in recovering completely.