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Alcohol and Drug Detox

Alcohol and Drug Detox

Alcohol and Drug Detox

Regular consumption of alcohol or drugs leads to addiction. When you are addicted and finally take step to new life by planning to quit. You undergo detoxification process. The detox will have some physical and psychological symptoms but if you are under supervision and in good hands this is easy.

In alcohol detox symptoms depends on person to person. These can be mild to severe level. To avoid serious circumstances of these symptoms, addicts undergo a well planned & designed detox program.

Detoxification Beginning

When you see a friend, family person or a known person around who was addicted has decided to quit and stopped drinking. The person will start experiencing withdrawal symptoms in next 8 to 10 hours. The first 2 to 3 days will be too crucial, addict will experience severe problems. There is no guarantee that it will only stay for next 10 days or couple of weeks. These can go on for few months also. That is why it’s suggested if you have been under severe addiction go for a rehab care under proper supervision and medication you can undergo your detox process.

Let’s understand you need Help or Not

We cannot judge how mild or severe will be your situation when you start quitting. When it comes to drugs once must undergo Inpatient rehab. Some factors are there to identify seriousness of symptoms of withdrawal.


  • Your were consuming large amount or small
  • Was there any presence of Mental Disorder?
  • Extreme anxiety
  • Use of psychoactive drugs
  • Poor General Health
  • Weak Physical Strength

We have a list of symptoms in Alcohol Detox. These symptoms vary completely from person to person. We are just trying to help you understand some of the common symptoms people experience.

  • You may feel Depressed
  • Feeling too tired
  • Alcohol cravings & restlessness
  • Can’t Sleep
  • Sweating
  • General Body Weakness
  • Shaking of Body parts
  • Guilt & panic
  • Nausea

After Detoxification

As per experts detox process is difficult but most necessary step towards recovery. It’s always recommended if you undergo treatment with a rehab program your recovery is faster and chances of replaces are low.

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