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The Role of Dopamine


Dopamine is the pleasure house of your body. It's though Dopamine that you are able to feel happiness and pleasure. Dopamine is good for the body and it acts like a rewarding system. Every time something good happens then you get a jolt of Dopamine in your body which results in instant happiness. 

The role of Dopamine is extremely complex. It's great for the body but it's something that can be easily manipulated by drugs. Excessive Dopamine in the body is how drugs hook you up. Drugs try to take over this reward system and it makes you want to come back for more. Dopamine is a bane and a boon for the body. Dopamine has an extreme role in creating addicts. 

How do Drugs use Dopamine? 
A lot of addicts suffer from various types of mental illnesses. It can be difficult for such people to resist drugs. Many of them use drugs to deal with depression and related diseases. Drugs use this little factor to hook you to them and slowly make you come back for more, till you become an addict. 

Drugs try to take over this reward system of your body. Dopamine is related to creating feelings of pleasure and happiness. Your body itself creates Dopamine to reward you. When this happens, the Dopamine that is released is not excessive enough that it makes you feel elated or euphoric. Drugs on the other take over the neurotransmitters of the brain and they release Dopamine in excessive amounts. 

Dopamine in excessive amounts is harmful for the body. It gives the feeling of euphoria and elation for a certain time period. This feeling is extremely strong and this is what makes people come back for more. Hence, every time that any drug user goes through depression or similar feelings, he/she tends to go back to drugs to witness that same euphoric feeling. 

This leads to addictive behavior as you slowly lose all self control and are forced to consume more and more drugs just to feel better.

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Don't Wait. Call Today to Get the Best Treatment Options +1 888 908 8112