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Equine Therapy


Equine Therapy is a very interesting way to help you with your rehab. If you are a person that loves animals then this therapy would be perfect for you. Equine Therapy involves the use of horses to conduct therapy. This may seem funny and implausible to some, but it is true. It has also been proven to very effective.

Equine Therapy is perfect for teenagers. This is because a great many teenagers are extremely moody and generally have a really bad attitude. It is really difficult for such teenagers to go through rehab. It generally makes them even more dysfunctional. This can be a great problem for most therapists. Teens hardly react to therapy and it is difficult to make them follow the rules. They mostly view rehab as a prison sentence.

In Equine Therapy, the patient is made to interact with a horse and learn from it. This is very interesting because it always works. The main aim is to teach the patient about the importance of rehab and therapy through the horse. It’s simply like using a metaphor. The patient is able to treat himself and learn about rehab by being in a mutually beneficial relationship with the horse. It is also important to note that most teenagers react better to animals than to other human beings.

How Does it Work?

Equine Therapy usually involves pairing the patient with a young horse. The trainer is supposed to teach lessons to the horse and as the horse learns what to do, the patient is also able to learn in a similar manner. This is a metaphorical experience and all it does is help the patient to be more obedient.

To understand Equine Therapy we have to understand addiction. People who are addicts generally are bad at following rules. This does not necessarily mean that they are disobedient and don’t trust the system but it simply means that they would rather do their own thing. This kind of attitude is similar to that of a young horse who wants to do things his way. The trainer on the other hand puts up restrictions on what the horse can and cannot do. This way the horse is trained to follow the rules and do what it is asked to do. The patient can similarly learn to follow the rules and it helps patients to be more responsive to therapy and rehab.

What are Some Examples?

There are various examples to show how Equine Therapy works but the example that is further illustrated can be considered as definite proof. This is something that is done when the patient is just starting Equine Therapy. The trainer picks a horse and puts him in the middle of the field. The patients are supposed to make the horse move out of a large circle that is made around it without touching the horse at all. Many patients try to make the horse move by yelling, clapping or trying to get its attention. Some even try throwing things. The horse in most situations never reacts to such jeering. It will always stay at its place and not move out of the circle.

This metaphorically teaches the patients that in most cases it is better to react to therapy with a calm mind rather than yelling or jeering.

Another example is how the patients learn to lead a horse. It can be really difficult to make a horse follow your instructions but most patients learn that if you try to lead a horse by standing ahead of it and behind it, the horse won’t move. But if you try to lead the horse by standing besides it then it will definitely react to your instructions.

Why Use Equine Therapy?

Equine Therapy can be really important for teens. It helps them a lot to get over their addictions and also helps to improve their mood once they are on the outside. It also boosts confidence. Training a horse is not an easy job and if a patient correctly goes through the process then at the end of it all they gain more confidence because they have completed the required job.

It also gives them a better perspective on life. They are able to appreciate the reasons why rules are meant to be followed and how hard life can be. It makes them more understanding and they are able to communicate better.

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Don't Wait. Call Today to Get the Best Treatment Options +1 888 908 8112